Guide To Start Vaping E Cigarettes


At first, we know that things can be a bit confusing, so therefore I created this quick start guide just to clarify some of the basics about electronic cigarettes.

Here Are Some Essentials That You Will Need:

Thing you will need: A battery and a flavor cartridge refill, when these are put together it resembles a regular cigarette.

When most persons are starting out, they normally want the closet thing to a regular cigarette. Therefore, electronic cigarettes with cartridges (cartomizers) are the closet thing to an actual cigarette.

For beginners, you can always try it out to see if whether you like it or not, and then you may want to explore other options like getting your own e cigarette refilled etc.

How Does An E Cig Work?

Basic models have a heating filament inside the cartridge powered by a battery that heats up the liquid nicotine that converts to vapor when the user inhales.

E Cigs Mods and Advanced Vaporizers

VaporZone has the most advanced vaporizers to date. The most recent is the VOX 50. It is highly advanced and superior in terms of output power and adjustability. It has a chip inside that provides safety features. Therefore this is a mechanical mod & regulated and it’s much safer than what is out there. I highly recommend that you get an upgrade to your E cig device at VaporZone.

VaporZone have a great line of advanced personal vaporizers, and they also have a wide variety of e-liquid for you to choose from.

Which E Cigarette Brands Are Closest To An Actual Tobacco Cigarette?

Everyone has their own taste; therefore you may want to try more than one.

Our Top Choice For The Closest To The Real Thing:

For Marlboro Red – V2 Cigs Red 18 – Available at:

Each Listed Is Available For Purchase Direct From The Company:

If you purchase your e cigs from any of the above companies we have coupon codes here to save you some money on your online purchase.

We hope that some of your basic questions about electronic cigarettes were clarified.


V2 Pro vaporizers - Say Hello To Your Little Friend.



We are going to go over our top picks for the best e-cigarettes companies of  2014 and reviews, followed by some quick bullet points.


Our Top Picks For E Cig Brands in 2014:

1. V2 Cigs – Review
2. VaporZone –Review

3. Vapor King -Review

4. Apollo – Review


Here are some quick bullet points:

V2 Cigs:
  • Great overall product, quality, flavors and throat hit; if you are looking for something that is real close to a real cigarette, this may be your answer.
  • Tons and tons of extra options such as mini tanks (EX Banks) and very sleek portable charging cases, new batteries (EX batteries), color options and you can customize starter kits.
  • They also have numerous options for substantial savings via referral incentives and refill liquid.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - Smoking Version 2.0

Official Website:

  • Awesome selection of advanced personal vaporizers with features such as variable voltage, puff counter. If you are looking for upgraded cigs, or ego-style batteries, check out this company!
  • Massive selection of high quality excellent tasting e-liquids which you can customize!
  • Their website is excellent to use!

VaporFi Electronic Cigarettes and Custom Blends

Official Website:

Vapor King:

  • Nice battery life, and super sleek design and feel.
  • Cool accessories such as the USB e cig.
  • And starter kit prices!

Vapor King Electronic Cigarette

Official Website:


  • Great quality and product. Nice flavor selection and super cool e cig tips.
  • Also highly rated across many consumer reviews.
  • Cartridges last a long time, real thick vapor, and nice battery life.

Apollo E-Cigarettes

Official Website:

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